This $7 Course Will Change How You Run Your Music Business!

by musicians for musicians

Supporting Yourself As A Musician Is NOT Always Easy.

As musicians, we deal with barriers that keep us away from what we want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are so many ways to grow your music business. Referrals don’t have to be the only way.

Build your student base for your online music business!

This Course Helps With Your Pain Points:

Success Requires A Balance

It’s time to take take back control!

Just like everything else, running a thriving music company needs balance. This valuable course helps you fill in the gaps and discover untapped opportunities.

These untapped opportunities can help you get more out of your business, freeing your time, resources, and most importantly, You.

The Business Side Of Music Course Gives You Tools to Leverage Your Music Business!

Giving You More Time To Do This

Seize opportunity with this value-packed online course that helps you grow and manage an online business with proven strategies that get results for only $7.

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No matter which genre you prefer, this course will still be helpful to you!

This course is made to help you with actionable knowledge in the music industry, manage clients, simplify your business, and get more clients.

Your Bonuses

The Business Budget Planner Worksheet contains editable documents that allow you to manage expenses & budgets. Comes free included in the course!

We’ve included a robust vendor list in the course with detailed information based on my personal experience that you can use to get clients instantly.

You will also get instant access to our private mentorship group when you purchase this course. It will offer support in helping you further grow your music business!

Take your music business to the next level with The Business Side Of Music Course!

This course will help you get students at a low cost.